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Why every homeowner should have a will

There’s nothing like getting into your new home for the first time. The ink is dry and the deeds are signed, sealed and delivered. Your delivery van is disappearing down the road. You can close the door for the first time. Just you and your sanctuary

… and all those boxes.

There are a lot of tasks competing for your time right now – those boxes for one thing! Something else that should be near the top of your list is making your will – and not just for the obvious reasons (see below).

Important – discount on industry-leading solicitor-checked wills

There’s never been a better time to make a will. Because of our unique position we are able to offer a 10% discount on a solicitor checked will at https://www.digilegal.co.uk. Use voucher code:


You’ll get 10% off the cost of a single will or a pair of wills plus the cost of print and delivery.

Making your will can take just minutes and you can do it from anywhere. Digilegal are fully registered with the Society of Will Writers and carry comprehensive insurance for the protection of you and your family.

Reason #1 – save thousands of pounds for those closest to you

As a homeowner your personal wealth can vary with the market and it will increase as you pay of your mortgage. That means that when you die those closest to you are likely to have to apply to Court before your assets can be passed on.

If you have a will then the process is fairly standard. It will still take some time and effort. In many cases a solicitor or other professional will have to help. The cost will start from around £2,000.

If you have not made a will then the process is considerably more complicated. Again – it is likely a solicitor or other professional will help but this time the cost will start at a much higher level. Fees of over £5,000 are not uncommon.

That £90 will seems like an even better deal now!

Reason #2 – if you are in an unmarried couple

If you aren’t married but you live and own a home with your partner they could be left in a worse position. If you die without a will the Government sets out who should inherit. The rules are set out here: www.gov.uk/rules-of-intestacy.

Your partner will not be entitled to any of your things, including the property. This could lead to increased upset and dispute as well as the expense set out above.

If you think your wealth is greater than the inheritance tax threshold www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax then you should consult a solicitor so your beneficiaries do not end up paying more tax than they should. Allowances for married couples do not automatically transfer to an unmarried partner.

Reason #3 – if you are single

If you are single then the rules of intestacy will be used again. You may not want your wealth to be split in accordance with intestacy rules. For example no friends, charities or distant family will receive anything even if you want them to.

Another sting in the tail is that the Government will decide who will have to apply to Court and go through that stress. If your parents are still alive then they will have to do this. If not, then your children may be left in this position. They may find that extremely difficult as they will have just suffered a very close bereavement. If you make a will you can choose someone else to take the burden off.


Make your will today. Go to https://digilegal.co.uk/ and use the voucher code BFS10OFF.




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