How many times have you been in a situation where you think that you’re in a good spot financially that month, but then you remember that there was one more thing that you forgot to save your money for? Well here is a small list of things to remember this month.

Getting Your Haircut

In a month, your hair can grow a lot! Waiting that extra month could be the difference between you feeling smart at your job interview or messy. Don’t forgot to save between £10 – £30 (depending on how much your haircut is) for next time.


It is very easy to forget about the presents that you have to buy people. But birthdays and holidays seem like they’re always popping their heads up, so make sure that you’ve marked them in your calendar so that you remember that next event that you have to splash out on!


You never know when you are going to need to use some extra money. Your car could brake down, your kids might need new school clothes or your pet might need an urgent operation. Either way, it is very important to have a spare £80 – £130 that you can use that you’ve saved. Just in case!

Impulse buys

Let’s not act as though we don’t all see the chocolate bars or mints at the counter and automatically purchase them, or at least get very tempted! Impulse buys can make up a decent sum of money over the month if you are not careful. How about making yourself a sandwich before work, and that way you’ll already have your lunch and can eat without having to make the journey to the over priced local shop!


One thing that many people don’t realise, is that it can actually be quite expensive to socialise sometimes. If you are regularly going out for a few beers during the weekend, then this could come to over £30 a week, which is £120 a month! Of course, going to meet a friend for a coffee is much cheaper, but some coffee shops can charge as much as almost £3 for a coffee, meaning that only four of them a week could go to £48 a month!

We hope that you’ve learnt a little bit about remembering to save for any extra spending that may occur.

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